European train tours are a wonderful way to get a closer look at the landscape as you move between cities, thanks to the vast rail network that spans to virtually every country on the continent. As you make your way between destinations aboard local, regional and high-speed trains, such as the Eurostar or TGV, or upon scenic specialty trains, like Switzerland’s Glacier Express, relax in your comfortable onboard accommodations and drink in the local scenery, which ranges from coastal passages and lush vineyards to majestic mountains and quaint villages. Select vacations include rail journeys on Europe’s famous luxury trains, including the Venice Simplon-Orient Express, the Royal Scotsman and the Golden Eagle Trans Siberian Express.

Why ‘Train Tours of Europe’ ?

Total freedom to plan and execute the holiday of your choices.

Travel from city-center to city-center in just hours within Europe.

Accommodation and sightseeing opportunities in walking distance to the city center.

Relaxed and scenic journeys with options for dining, quiet coaches and family seating.